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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

the JESUS LIZARD, London Forum, Monday the 11th of May 2009

i am still pretty speechless
um, fuck, well the nerves set in in anticipation for gigs like this, i have not seen many reunion shows by bands, purely coz i am too young or either because i like shit bands that usually split up for good and are never gonna reunite, ever . . . . . . .
i did however see Bad Brains play in '07, i dunno wot i was expecting (backflips by a 50 year old HR?) anyways, but that was definitely not the same at all

i was intrigued by the short notice announcements of support bands, Grails, who i have never really gotten into, but have only heard good stuff about - they played an awesome atmosphere setting set - smoked out stage and mad strobe lighting to the bonged out riffs not unlike Pelican or Russian Circles - total Floyd obsessed thick grooveness
next were Harvey Milk, whose again i have read loads about and never heard - i eagerly downloaded their most recent album ('Life... The Best Game in Town'/
"and death goes to the winner!") total Melvins style drone metal sludge, though perhaps even more droney and sludgey? and fair dues to existence and joe preston i guess (for melvins comparisons)

and the moment we were all waiting/waited for, arrived


(pardon the wiki pic)

the Lizard explodes, 1st song, Monkey Trick and Yow is already crowd surfing like the sweaty ravenous preacher he is, Denison's guitar sounds like a sawmill amplified, Sims' bass, well, let's just say my dick is still hard, and Mac is just as fucken tight as brad wilk channeling bonham's ghost (for instance?), this is all gonna sound like flabber gasted mumble, but like i said i am still speechless and stunned and still can't believe i fucken lived this . . . .
2nd song PUSS god fuck christ cunt whore - i dunno when my 27 year old body last,moshed like this - beer, beer guts and hair everywhere, the pain hurts so good, pain in my soul and terror in my mind, how it should be, twisted by this experience, euphoria without chemicals (does booze count?)
i neutralised my expectations for the show, i don't know why, maybe coz of the 'old dude rocker' thing, but these guys are as fresh and thriving as any punk rock noise makers who have followed since . . . . my life now feels complete, greatness witnessed in pure and utter awe and bliss

full setlist:
Monkey Trick / Puss / Bloody Mary / Thumbscrews / Destroy Before Reading / Mouth Breather / Blue Shot / Glamourous / Killer McHann / One Evening / Then Comes Dudley / Chrome / Boilermaker / Blockbuster / Nub / Gladiator // Dancing Naked Ladies / 7 vs. 8 / Urine / Fly on the Wall / Wheelchair Epidemic

AND . . . this is going in a frame!

for more pleasure and visual affect >


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