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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Sometimes in band you have moments where it all makes sense and your purpose is made clear, this eventually gives way to apathy but at least for a little while it all makes sense.

For Black Mamba Beat we had our first rehearsal, where we weren't sure if it would work? if the bass player could keep time? if I could get over my shyness and try to sing somehow near Fogerty? Once that was established we started writing songs and were making our way to our first nerve-racking gig and the ecstatic blissful moment that followed afterwards we had arrived ......

After that we set about getting a 4-track and recording our own music (I had been in a few bands where you play shit gigs for 2 years and record 4 songs for £500, not economical, innit). Recordings were a learning curve for both myself and the band as we got to grips with basic production techinques.

We then set about playing our first show outside of English soil at the festival known as Prickly Pea Bowls organised by Oli and Luca and many other Italian minions. We packed up some tapes, maybe sold 5 but thankfully Tina and Marco from Jeet Kune Records got our CD-R and tape and liked what they heard. This here is the most important thing for me and the mambas, it was a very organic process and when we got back to England they told us they wanted to do a LP!!!!! not a 45, not a tape, not a CD-R or exclusive download, a FUCKING LP !!!!!!!!!

We were so touched that they heard something within our humble rawkus rock. Many e-mails went back and forth organising master CD's and finalising album artwork but now the record is finally here in our hands and we are so happy and so proud, we have no children but we have come close to childbirth, the combined gene pool of our influences and lives......

Tina and Marco, thank you so much

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