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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

20p's Worth of News & Observations:

First off when confronted with the glaring realisation that your band is not getting the cool shows it's easy to slip into "hate the hipsters" apathy. Thankfully we didn't do this and managed to have awesome release party at Ryan's! Thanks so much to all who came, drank Cane and got fucked up, someone even left in a fucking ambulance!! If we were N-Dubz or Kings Of Leon, that would have been some awesome PR fodder.

In terms of makin your own cool parties and not being an apathetic prick, the award for non-apathetic prick goes to BIG TAKE OVER's star organiser, Bryony. We've had the esteemed fortune to play two of these nights, the 1st was BYOB (bring your own booze for the thick readers) and we got some £'s and so did the charity it supported. I don't know how Bryony does it but she always organises some of the best parties going. Besides the fact that its usually BYOB, I always get a kick out of the varied punk miscreant clientele - SxE gym boys, flannel-clad nerds, hardcore studded drunk-punx and everything in between is all there. The word "scene" get lorded over in music mags but this is not so much a scene that one can classify more a collection of people curious to see new bands in a different setting and yes, bringing there own booze. In short thanks for providing some great nights and we look forward to many more, next cider's on us....

In other news check out this band called BIRD CALLS, a swipe of references would include Minutemen, Fugazi, caP'n Jazz and Hoover/June of 44. Great foot rapping, flannel-clad screaming/spoken/singing, 90's rock and roll.

I also had the great pleasure in interviewing Trash Kit for the July issue of MRR that is out now! so go out and read and check it out if you can.

+ KEEP FRIDAY THE 27th OF AUGUST (Bank hol/long weekend open) WE WILL BE PUTTING ON THE 2nd SHABEEN SCENE nite @ RYAN's w/some awesome bands, we'll keep ya'll posted

Thanks, that's our 20p......

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