Dop 'N' Jive!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


This song was recorded in the good old Union City Studios, for a while a small corner of Dalston was truly ours. While they stroked there hair and smoked cheap cigarettes at the Dalston Superstore, we drank some tins on the other side of the street watching the freak show go by.

Anyway, besides that, we had a studio space where Black Time, Black Mamba Beat, Wake Up Dead and other projects got to record. This is a song from my own (stix, chief, ballbag) project, Work That Skirt and was recorded following a cancelled a Black Time practice. Upon hearing this, I went to Lowdown's and proceeded to drink some beer and partake in some ganja (blatant cool points for mentioning intoxication). It was the morning but it was Saturday, what else was there to do? Anyway, I had, had an idea for a song bubbling in my head so I suggested we went down to Union City and lay it down. This is the result the line up consists of myself on guitar, drums and vox and lowdown on bass and second guitar. The vocals were incidentally recorded later on Christmas day where I had the house to myself so was able to cook a roast drink some Kilpdrift (SA brandy) smoke some ganja (blatant cool points for mentioning intoxication), cook a roast and lay down some vox in the toilet.

On that note the result of all this rambling.....


  1. nice write-up, next time go easy on the ganja and use a spell check - i don't like the guy who taught me to spell not spelling well!

  2. i did spell cheeeckkkkkkkkvvvk but kep sum as artistic licenseerff

  3. i edited it all, again, as always